Rush Termite and Pest Control

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    • Sep 29, 2016
    • horrible professionalism
    • Horrible company. Had a friend get treated along with his neighbor for termites just over a year ago. They moved in from Canada only to find that the termites were still alive and well. The guy came out and literally said it was fine to drill through a post tension slab while claiming he thinks there is a crack. There was no crack in the floor and the mud tubes were out front. All the while thus guy claimed he was Arizonans best termite guy. What kind of idiot drills through a post tension slab when the stamp in the garage says no core drill and he's doing it without doing an X-ray image through the concrete which is expensive? I don't understand this guys logic at all and termites shouldn't come back after just a year from treatment in the same area that was treated.

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